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NW Corporate Yoga℠ provides employers with measurable, on-site wellness programs designed to help make their employees happier, healthier, and more productive at work.

Since 2014, NW Corporate Yoga℠ has been helping big and small employers create work environments that attract, develop, and retain more high quality talent.

 NW Corporate Yoga℠ in the Office

NW Corporate Yoga℠ in the Office

When full-time employees are spending an average of 9 hours in the office, a work environment that encourages employee well-being makes a lot of sense.

Employees that are happier at work tend to be more focused on work tasks, having more energy with fewer health-related distractions, and motivated to achieving work-related goals in a timely manner. 

At NW Corporate Yoga℠, we work with employers to develop customized and measurable wellness programs that establish and complement office culture and encourage people to love their job.

Our Wellness Activities

Quite often, getting to a studio or gym during lunch can be difficult in today's congested cities. With NW Corporate Yoga℠, your employees will enjoy the convenience of having activities on-site, allowing them to slow down and re-energize for finishing out the day strong.

Office Wellness

 NW Corporate Yoga℠ at the Office

NW Corporate Yoga℠ at the Office

With just a conference room, deck or open space, we're able to encourage, uplift and motivate your employees through results-driven exercises designed to increase blood-flow, stimulate creativity and energize employees.

Special Event Wellness

 NW Corporate Yoga℠ Special Event

NW Corporate Yoga℠ Special Event

When it comes to health fairs, corporate retreats, athletic competitions, celebrations, private events, and more, we have the people, processes, and supplies to support you and your big event. Get a quote for your special event here.

Wellness Workshops

 NW Corporate Yoga℠ Workshop

NW Corporate Yoga℠ Workshop

A wellness workshop can be a great alternative to a physical wellness activity, allowing those who haven't adopted fitness instruction just yet to receive wellness tips in a different format. At NW Corporate Yoga℠, we can customize a workshop to your company or simply present one of our  workshops from our curriculum.

We Support Big and Small Companies

What Clients Say...

I now look forward to early Monday morning to set my intentions and focus.

We extended our yoga sessions to Wednesdays as a result of the increased productivity at our office and overall positive environment it has created.

Thank you!
— Keith Rivers, CEO of Workhouse Creative
We’ve been working with NW Corporate Yoga for about a year now to increase the wellness quality for our employees. 

If you’re looking for a dependable, high value, premium quality, well-experienced partner to help you, I implore you to use NW Corporate Yoga.
— Phil Loung, Director of Sales Nintex

Easily Manage Your Program

Every NW Corporate Yoga℠ client receives 5-Star support service that includes:

  • CPR and AED certified, minimum 200RYT instructors
  • a dedicated account manager to handle requests, changes and other program needs,
  • friendly and responsive customer service,
  • easy and secure billing and payment system,
  • professional correspondence and communication to ensure program success,
  • key program reports you'll want to share with your teams (if part of your plan),
  • access to a NW Corporate Yoga℠ strategic consultant to help with your wellness strategy, and
  • much, much more!

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