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6 Ways Yoga Can Improve Productivity at Work

Many companies, big and small, have already acknowledged the importance of employee well-being. Their response? Robust wellness programs that include on-site fitness instruction, such as yoga. So what do these companies know that encourages them to invest in the health and wellness of their employees? Find out by discovering 6 ways yoga can improve employee productivity at work.


What Are the Benefits of Yoga in the Workplace?

Although worker productivity is up as a whole, employers are still requesting more and more from employees. As a result, burnout quickly sets in for many individuals in the workforce. Fortunately, some companies are welcoming a new solution in the workplace. In one study alone, overworked nurses were found to significantly reduce their risk of burnout through regular weekly yoga sessions. Further studies have shown even more benefits are available from workplace yoga. Click below to learn more.


6 Ways to Reduce Costs and Foster Employee Happiness

For employers looking to seriously lower health care related costs, they have to consider not only making an investment in creating an environment of health and wellness but actively encourage employees to buy into the importance of wellness. One way to do this is create an employee-centric strategy discussed at the following.


Yoga in the workplace can reduce back pain and sickness absence

While it may not be a surprise that back pain is the leading disability in the world, you may find it surprising that the rewarding, fun and overall healthful activity of yoga can help to reduce back pain AND absences due to sickness.  Talk about a good deal for employers! So how exactly can yoga help. Click the link below to read more.