Corporate Wellness Workshops

On-site and Off-site Motivational Workshops for Your Employees.

Wellness Workshop at a Seattle School

Wellness Workshop at a Seattle School

Team Wellness Workshops

Offering wellness workshops to your employees can add variety to your ongoing corporate wellness program. In today's diverse work environment, not everyone is able to participate in physical activities. To make sure we provide employers with options to include everyone, we have developed a curriculum of wellness workshops that allows a wide-range of employees the opportunity to participate in a fun, information, and engaging wellness activity.

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Interactive Workshops

Each workshop is led by an energetic, knowledgeable NW Corporate Yoga℠ team member and designed to engage participants. Workshop topics include:

  • Seasonal Workshops (including our signature Beat the Gloom℠ Workshop),

  • Mindfulness at Work,

  • Shoulder, Neck, Wrist and Pain Mitigation Strategies,

  • Desk Terrarium Design and Building,

  • Introduction to Yoga,

  • and More!

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Takeaways are Key

Our NW Corporate Yoga℠ workshops can cover a lot of material, but the mark of a good workshop shows in the information retained and used by attendees after the workshop.

We help support attendees even after our workshops through handouts, fun planning worksheets, aromatherapeutic essential oil blends and plenty of tips, suggestions and ideas for their notes. Takeaways vary according to the type of workshop, but all are thoughtfully-created to allow attendees to carry something back to their desks to help them throughout the workday.

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