Event Wellness

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Special Event in Seattle Washington (pictured:  Megan )

Special Event in Seattle Washington (pictured: Megan)

Differentiation Matters

No matter the event, participants have a general idea of what to expect. Think birthday parties, conferences or corporate retreats. What better way to break from the mold than to get participants active with onsite yoga and stretching managed by NW Corporate Yoga℠? For every event, NW Corporate Yoga℠ can arrive with smiling instructors with whatever equipment and supplies you may need and who will be eager to work with your event team and participants to help ensure your event is overwhelming success. Whether you’re hosting a office celebration, recruiting event, or annual party click here for a quote to make your event memorable!

Team Building Event, Downtown Seattle

Team Building Event, Downtown Seattle

Location. Location. Location

Depending on your event and how you want to wow your participants, you may be local or you may want to host your event in a remote location. We have you covered either way. With the way we're structured, NW Corporate Yoga℠ is able to accommodate events practically anywhere and still deliver that consistent NW Corporate Yoga℠ experience to you and your participants.

Team Building Event, Greater Seattle Area

Team Building Event, Greater Seattle Area

Come one, Come all.

We understand event planning can be difficult, which is why we provided dedicated account managers who can ensure we scale with the size of your event. This means we're able to accommodate a small group all the way to large groups, allowing as many participants as possible to join in on the fun!

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