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About Corporate Wellness Programs

Why Are Corporate Wellness Programs Important?

Investing in a corporate wellness program provides employees the opportunity to make healthier choices and practice work-life balance. From an employer standpoint, wellness programs offer cost-effective, innovative solutions for companies looking to reduce health expenditure, increase productivity and decrease employee turnover rates.

A culture of healthier lifestyle choices increases awareness of employees unhealthy habits. For example, habits around sleep, nutrition and exercise can all have either a positive or negative impact on employees’ moods, happiness, attitudes and workplace behaviors.   Happy employees are more productive, engaged and less likely to leave or take a sick day.   

What Are the Benefits of Corporate Wellness?

Yoga, boot camp, and wellness workshops have been proven to decrease stress-related illnesses, absenteeism, improve employee alertness, productivity, enhance energy and attitude throughout the workday. Employees report a reduction in back and neck pain, aching joints, muscle tightness and fatigue after attending on-site wellness classes. (Learn more about wellness program benefits on our Resources page.)

NWCY℠ wellness programs offer employees incentives, tools and strategies to adopt and maintain healthy behaviors to live a healthier lifestyle.  Healthy behaviors lead to lower health risks, lower health risks lead to less chronic disease which leads to fewer health care costs.

How Do I Determine What Program Is Best For My Company?

NWCY℠ offers customized wellness programs that can suit your unique company needs. No matter if you are a startup or a large corporation, NWCY℠ can provide your company with a comprehensive wellness solution that works for your budget, employee preferences and overall wellness goals. By discovering the breakdown of activity level, desires and interests of your employees, we will work with you to determine the best program, timing, and days of activity.

Building Your Corporate Wellness Program

When Do Classes Take Place?

On-site activities can be scheduled before work, during lunch, late afternoon, and/or after work. You choose the day and time that you would like to have a class each week, or twice a week, and we will set you up with the best instructor for your office.

Classes run in 45 or 60 minute intervals and workshops in 60 to 90 minute intervals.

Where Do Yoga Classes and/or Workshops Take Place?

On-site classes and workshops are best lead in conference rooms, lunchrooms, office lobbies, patios, or rooftops.  

How Much Space Is Needed For Classes?

It varies according to the type of class and/or workshop. We can help you figure out the right size for your purposes and whether your available space is suitable for wellness activities.

Are Beginners Welcome?

YES! We design classes for all levels of practitioners - beginners included. No prior experience is required.

What Will Participants Need?

Personal items vary according to the type of class or workshop. For basic classes, we recommend participants bring a yoga mat or towel, comfortable clothing, and a water bottle.

Are NWCY℠ Instructors Certified?

Yes. NWCY℠ teachers hold a minimum 200 HR RYT certificate and are AED/CPR certified. In addition, they go through an exclusive NW Corporate Yoga℠ training program designed for teaching in an office setting.

More Information?

Contact Megan via email at or call (425) 908-0283