Personal Wellness

Sometimes it is all about you, and that's OK.


Self Matters

In this busy world, sometimes we need to break from the race, the office, family and even friends.  At NWCY™, we're able to help you break away and focus on you and your wellness because you DO matter, and self-care is extremely important. On these days, you'll work one-on-one with a private instructor in a private location that's comfortable for you. You'll get the same NWCY™ experience, except our focus will be on just you.

Healthy Eating

Good Nutrition is Fundamental

We would be remiss if we didn't mention nutrition along the way. Depending on your needs, a private NWCY™ instructor can help you in understanding the impact certain foods can have on your overall wellness. As a NWCY™ client, we can work with you on your intake while also providing one-on-one yoga sessions. This combination can offer the maximum impact on your overall wellness.


Directing Your Internal Compass

Life can come at us from a variety of directions, leaving us disoriented on where we need to go next. In these times, trying to find where your internal compass is pointing alone can be a tough journey. Now, with NWCY™, you no longer have to take that journey by yourself. As a client, you'll have a fully-dedicated NWCY™ work with you through a series of exercises that will help you find which direct you'll need to take that next step.

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