WHAT WE'RE ABOUT AT NW Corporate Yoga℠

NW Corporate Yoga℠ was founded in 2014 by health + fitness enthusiast and certified life coach, Megan Kountz. She created NW Corporate Yoga℠ after working in the corporate sector and realizing the work environment needed more healthful activities for reducing stress and team building besides happy hours and staff meetings. From there, the idea of NW Corporate Yoga℠ was born and has been operating since 2014, serving over 10,000 employees through over 1,000 classes in office environments to date.


Today, NW Corporate Yoga℠ has additional wellness activities accompanying its signature office yoga classes and focuses on helping employers create work environments that make employees happier, healthier and more productive. We help employers achieve these results by providing offices with comprehensive, measurable wellness programs that are guided by our friendly, knowledgeable, and professional yogineers℠.

Today's average full-time employee spends about 9 hours a day at work. Employees with opportunities during the day to reduce stress, alleviate physical ailments common to sedentary work environments and boost levels of energy and focus can help their employers reduce health care costs, increase productivity and lower attrition rates. At NW Corporate Yoga℠, we support employers in creating these opportunities.

As a partner to employers, we collaborate with them to develop customized wellness programs that not only fit within their own established office cultures but also produce their desired results. We're able to develop these types of programs through a proprietary assessment process created in-house by years of experience in the corporate wellness sector and a detail-oriented team that knows how to engineer a mix of office-specific wellness activities that will help employees focus, create and produce at higher levels. (Contact us here to learn about our process.)

NW Corporate Yoga℠ activities are led by professionally-trained, CPR-certified yogineers℠ who are fun to be around and absolutely love what they do. Our team takes pride in helping employers create ideas to boost office energy levels, develop relaxation strategies and reduce stress in workplace environments. 

Through our partnerships with employers, we strive to encourage and support:

  • employees looking to find peace, purpose, gratitude and happiness at work;

  • employees aiming to thrive (and not just survive) in the workplace with fun and purposeful physical, mental, emotional and financial wellness strategies; and

  • honest, mutually-productive and healthy relationships between employers and employees for internal and external growth.


WHAT WE VALUE AT NW Corporate Yoga℠

360° Wellness

Physical wellness is important, but we believe the wellness outlook is incomplete without a focus on mental, emotional and financial aspects.


Life isn’t always perfect, but when we get those lemons, we make sure to take the time to turn those lemons into lemonade and find the small things that make us grateful in tough situations.


Great results can’t happen without transparency. Open communication and two-way feedback with clients and employees are critical for building trust and getting great results.


Being a life-long learner is important for continuous self-improvement. We actively seek out resources for innovating services we can provide to clients.

Live What We Teach

Most importantly, we believe it's important for us to walk our talk, which is why we emphasize having a work culture that exercises work/life balance, dedicates time to wellness activities and regularly evaluates how we can serve others with our skills.


THE NW Corporate Yoga℠ STORY

Cailene, Linda, Amy, Megan, and Brenda (learn about the teachers  here )

Cailene, Linda, Amy, Megan, and Brenda (learn about the teachers here)

Since 2014, Megan has been steadily increasing her impact and portfolio of business clients while strategically growing her team and developing new services and products to better support those clients and their overall wellness programs and goals.

Today, Megan and her team travel around the Puget Sound region providing businesses and their employees/participants with ideas, exercises and habits to improve not only their wellness within the corporate space but their overall lives, inside and outside the office walls.

NW Corporate Yoga℠ is committed to knowing the client and delivering consistent results to companies looking to not just check off the box but take their wellness program beyond the status quo.

Take time to learn about our wellness programs here.