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Working at NW Corporate Yoga℠

NW Corporate Yoga℠  is a health and wellness startup that provides corporations, governments and other large employers with strategically designed and results driven wellness programs on-site. Through our company-hosted wellness programs, we help employees find happiness and decrease stress and pain at work while also helping employers increase retention rates, reduce healthcare costs and recruit talent by creating a happy and healthy workplace.

We live what we preach with passion towards our own employees wellness programs including exercise, nutrition, and support. With career paths designed to inspire growth within, we actively work to cultivate happiness, relaxation and passion within our own company to share it with others.

Positions Available

NWCY Coach

Benefits at NW Corporate Yoga℠

Unlike traditional yoga businesses, NW Corporate Yoga℠ offers a different way of life for our instructors. As a team member, not only do we help you develop a progressive career, you'll also be compensated for all reasonable hours worked and expenses, including, but limited to,

  • Time spent working directly with clients,

  • Time spent traveling to clients,

  • Reasonable travel expenses,

  • Vehicle mileage, and

  • Reasonable time spent for getting to know clients.

We also cover other expenses, such as equipment, uniforms, continuing education, CPR + AED training, R&D classes, professional liability insurance, and more!


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