NWCY’s now in Charlotte too!

In March 2019, we opened an East Coast location in Charlotte. We’ll now be offering the best of the Pacific NW in on-site fitness classes, engaging wellness workshops, employee coaching, creative wellness products, and more right in the Queen City!


Wellness Workshops

From hands-on activities, like our popular desk plant and exfoliating sugar scrub workshops, to physical wellness at work classes, we have the workshops to help you bring your employees together in a fun, educational setting with plenty of takeaways to use at their desks.


Wellness Classes

Choose from a variety of different types of classes, such as restorative, hatha, vinyasa, or slow flow yoga, to help reinvigorate, motivate, and encourage your employees during the work day. (Bonus: You can choose to incorporate motivational themes or aromatherapy in your classes!) Click here to schedule a free, no-obligation-to-buy demo here.


Special Events

No matter the special event, such as health fairs, conferences, or employee training sessions, we can help support your event with a variety of memorable, enjoyable wellness activities you’ll be able to offer to your attendees.


Crazy Fun Stress Relief Ideas

Recently launched, enjoy NWCY’s kneadpeace™, a handcrafted aromatherapy dough designed to help employees reduce stress and anxiety, reduce risk of hand injuries from heavy computer usage, and explore their creativity.


We Support Big and Small Companies

We’ve been working with NW Corporate Yoga for about a year now to increase the wellness quality for our employees.

If you’re looking for a dependable, high value, premium quality, well-experienced partner to help you, I implore you to use NW Corporate Yoga.
— Phil Loung, Director of Sales Nintex
I now look forward to early Monday morning to set my intentions and focus.

We extended our yoga sessions to Wednesdays as a result of the increased productivity at our office and overall positive environment it has created.

Thank you!
— Keith Rivers, CEO of Workhouse Creative

Contact us today to discover how NWCY can help support your office with its wellness goals!

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