Meet the Team


Megan Kountz


Live your life with passion, love, and laughter! As the Founder of NW Corporate Yoga℠, Megan inspires and encourages mindful awareness, personal empowerment, and happiness through yoga and courageous conversations.

Megan teaches strength building, alignment-focused, motivational yoga classes. She believes yoga works to connect the mind, body, and heart through mindful movement and intentional focus.

As a former director of yoga, Megan led teacher trainings, hosted workshops, and has taught over 5,000 classes. Over the past few years, she has taught nearly 10,000 corporate employees, weaving motivational themes throughout the movement that continues to be inspired by her life coaching background. She holds a yoga alliance 200 HR certificate of training and has completed training for yoga life coaching!

She firmly believes yoga is for every body.


Amy Hirtzel

Culture Development Manager

Amy started her professional life in the Peace Corps where she fostered a deep appreciation for community-building and unwavering respect for the different ways to live a life.

As NW Corporate Yoga's Lead Yoga Teacher and Training Coordinator, she continues to build community within each of her classes and creates a welcoming space for every body to practice yoga. She believes that the first step in creating a healthy world is cultivating self-compassion and a deep understanding of yourself. Amy loves to weave personal stories and jokes into her classes to make yoga concepts accessible, brighten your day, and enhance your experience. 

Amy is a 200 Hr Certified Yoga Teacher and is a Level 1 iRest Yoga Nidra teacher. 


Brenda Umana

Wellness Content Creator, MPH

Find moments of equanimity and mindfulness to live a more balanced life! Brenda enjoys teaching an alignment-based, strength building class while shining the light of awareness from the physical body to the mind-body.

She is a public health and wellness professional and has been teaching yoga and meditation all over LA, NYC, and now Seattle! With a Masters of Public Health from Columbia University, her goal is to share her love for these practices by making them accessible to everyone.

She holds a Yoga Alliance 200-HR, Yoga Nidra, Restorative, and Yoga Philosophy Certifications. She is currently working on becoming an Emotional Wellness Life Coach to complement her mindfulness background.  


Linda Florio Zintel

Coach, 200RYT, Leadership Coach

Linda loves sharing the vitality-affirming gift of yoga!

She enjoys crafting sequences that tap into body and mind’s intrinsic ability to evolve, cultivating postural intelligence and strength while bringing lightness and peacefulness.

Since 2011, she has been teaching yoga in management trainings in support of her client’s leadership development objectives. She also teaches in studio and sometimes in the wilderness.


Cailene Huerta


Finding focus, intentionality, and energy through movement. Cailene enjoys sharing the practice of yoga with others as a method to relieve stress and improve mobility, so that they may lead their best life.    

Her classes are designed to build strength and body awareness while allowing space to play and grow one's own practice.