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Kelsey S. (via Yelp)

"The yoga classes that NW Corporate Yoga has provided me in the last 2  1/2 years have been a vital part of my professional success and overall wellness.

As an employee with UW Medicine, I am grateful for the opportunity to take a moment to pause and reconnect in the middle of the work day. When I began taking yoga classes from NW Corporate Yoga I was a beginner, but Megan made me feel very comfortable and welcome, a sentiment other newbies have expressed. Since then, I have been inspired to continue my practice outside of the work setting, mainly due to the direct mental and physical benefits I felt almost immediately.

Now I look forward to the workday where I know I will be able to have class with Megan or Amy, often coming back to my desk from a session refreshed and able to execute a project/task with more clarity. The program has also created a nice community and comradery among colleagues from other Divisions/Departments which I may not have had the chance to experience.

As someone who has been part of both group classes and private sessions, I can't recommend NW Corporate Yoga enough to employers for staff wellness."

Inna B.

They are awesome and I'm so thankful the team at work decided to hire them for a weekly (lunch time) yoga class.

Favorite things: 

+ The "anti computer" stretches! They knows we sit in front of computers all day at work so she knows the class needs to address that. These stretches haven't come up as frequently in studio yoga classes I've taken because the people in those classes don't necessarily all have desk jobs so the participants don't always request/need the same stretches. 

+ The opportunity/reminder/environment to relax and stretch in the middle of the work day.

+ The opportunity to meet and see co-workers from other departments which I don't interact with much (or at all) during the work day.

Janet V.

"Thank you for offering an awesome yoga class. Not only does it get me away from my desk for a break but also I come back feeling tons better. I can let things go for an hour then comeback and tackle my job without stress. I am grateful for this class. It is truly a healthy way to decompress and refocus. Many thanks!"

Carmen Ragghianti

"The other day I was a little stressed but nothing like I used to get.  I realized my stress at first, as crazy mornings used to wig me out but then I practiced being aware, like the mindfulness Megan teaches.  It was so helpful and allowed me to get unstuck and stop being mad.  I was able to have empathy and not dwell on the mistakes. I am thankful for Megan’s Yoga classes; she is such a kind, gentle person and I enjoy her stories.  Megan leaves me feeling uplifted! Thank you for all you do."

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