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3 Facts About The Soda Water You Love to Drink

3 Facts About The Soda Water You Love to Drink

ou just stepped out to grab lunch at your favorite downtown spot. Instead of reaching for a can of soda as you slowly approach the cashier, you lean in to pick up that fizzy, refreshing, bubbly soda water. You pop open the can walking back to your office only to notice that everyone in town seems to be carrying a bottle of sparkling water.

Sipping a soda water is now as common as enjoying a cup of fresh brewed Starbucks coffee. Corporate offices are stocking up their employee fridges and companies like Bevi are making a killing to ensure an easier refill of your fizzy water with the tap of a touch screen.

Perhaps it’s the bubbles that make this type of water so fun to drink. But did you know that before the flavored bubbles, carbonated water was first introduced in pharmacies as medicine when it was invented back in 1767? It wasn’t until the 1900’s that carbonated water started to take the shape of cola, flavors and sugary drinks.

Our bodies are composed of roughly 60 percent water, and we need to replenish daily with the doctor’s recommendations of eight cups of water per day. Especially if we’re hitting our favorite yoga class to sweat the stress away.

The fizzing question is, are there any other health effects we should watch out for? Keep reading to find out 3 facts you should know about your new crush on soda water and how it’s really affecting your body.