5 Quick Tips to Avoid Unhealthy Snacking at Work


1. Start with a Small Breakfast

Cracking down on cravings, even if they occur late in the afternoon, starts with a balanced breakfast.  To give yourself a good start on the workday, try to squeeze in a protein packed breakfast before you run out the door to help you power through your morning without cravings. If you’re not hungry by the time you have to walk out the door, take a container of oatmeal or a protein smoothie that travels well.

2. Pack a Substantial Lunch

A puny microwave meal sets you up to snack 30 minutes later.  Processed foods (food that has been cooked, canned, frozen, packaged or changed in nutritional value before you touch it) leave you undernourished with minimal energy. Mason-jar salads are perfect on the go!

If you don't have time to pack a lunch, treat yourself to a quality meal at a local restaurant or deli.  When we eat the same foods everyday, we tend to get bored and unsatisfied, which can lead to us trying to spice up the eating routine with those sweet and salty snacks lurking around the office.  Instead, try making every lunch wholesome and as delicious as possible with healthy fats and proteins to help you stay full longer while providing you with a steady flow of energy.

3. BYOS - Bring Your Own Snacks

Most snacks we reach for are packaged, highly-processed foods that are not providing our bodies and minds with the nutrients needed to properly function for a full day of work. One way to fight the temptation of those grab bags of snacks is to keep a container of nuts like almonds and cashews, protein bars, or sliced vegetables at your desk. Incorporating healthy, filling proteins and veggies will leave you craving fewer unhealthy snacks come 3 p.m. and help boost your productivity and focus during the home stretch.  

4. Drink More Water

Often, we snack because we think we're hungry, but our bodies may actually be dehydrated. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is a great way to combat this side effect. For those who get tired of a simple glass of water, try a hot cup of water with lemon, herbal teas or sparkling water.

5. De-Stress The Body and Mind

When you feel the case of the afternoon munchies coming on, go for a walk around the block, stretch, or do some yoga to get your blood flowing and calm the mind.   The snack attack will have dwindled by the time you return back to your desk.

The key to snacking at work is to find healthy foods that will help you improve your health, maintain weight, increase energy levels, reduce health risks and prevent mood swings.  It is much easier to avoid temptation after you’ve eaten a satisfying breakfast or lunch.  The protein, healthy fats, and fiber from these meals will keep you full longer and minimize the munchies throughout the workday. Even with all the bustle in the workday, it's important to be mindful of what you're putting into your body at all times in order to make sure your body and mind are at peak performance levels at work.

Know of some other ways to control snack cravings while you are at work? Share your tricks below.